Team-building event with a manager

The event can be part of your company's planned activities or as a separate, full-fledged event!
Board games are great way to relax, have fun and spend time meaningfully.

What is included?

  • Event manager will explain the rules of the games and will ensure the involvement of participants. The activities of the event depend on the wishes expressed and the number of participants.

  • Exciting and modern board games in which need to think, cooperate and use creative approach.
    In overall we have around 30+ different board games and event manager have experience to recommend the games.


Event can be organized in your chosen place (office, banquet etc.) all over Latvia.
We are located in Riga.

We can help organize banquet facilities.

Board game event costs

Costs starting from 150 EUR + VAT.

Feel free to contact us to learn more and receive a specific offer.

Board games

Below you can see description only about few games of overall available 30+ board games!

As we have board games in several copies, we can also organize competitions.


TEAM3” is a cooperative game where players work together within a time limit to complete the construction shown on their blueprint card. But there is a catch! Working in a team of three, each player takes on a specific role (corresponding to the card they've been dealt): the player who can't speak, the player who can't see, and the player who's in between. If the players complete the construction in 3min time then they win the game!

Codenames / Codenames pictures

Codenames is a two-team game. The captain of each team gives cues, or associations, to their team so that their team's words or pictures are guessed, but not the other team's words or pictures.
A great opportunity to see how teams work together and understand each other from one word!

Just one

Work together to uncover as many secret words as you can! Go through the best clues to think of a teammate, and be creative because identical clues will be eliminated!


KLASK is a popular Danish game that is like a fast board game version of air hockey (big tables in bowling alleys), only magnets and a small ball are used.
The game is very dynamic, the rules are easy to learn and it is possible to create competitions.