Team Building event

Emils and Baiba have combined entertainment and theory to create a Meaningful and Entertaining Team Building event! 

Through games bond, get to know your team better, improve team cooperation and see it from a different point of view using proven theories and methods.

Program up to 24 people (3 / 5 / 8 hours)

  • Games that will help the team both unite and see opportunities for improvement in their work.
  • 5 basic principles of successful communication are reflected in examples from life with the opportunity to experience it yourself.
  • Let's find out how different roles in the team help to successfully cooperate and achieve results, emphasizing the unique contribution of each team member to the achievement of the result.
  • Let's draw conclusions so that each participant and the team as a whole take with them not only a good mood, but also a commitment to improve something already the next working day.

Baiba Drēgere-Vaivode

Certified efficiency expert (Business Efficiency Association).
Experienced trainer of internal processes - training employees in LEAN and improving employees' skills in providing excellent customer service.
LEAN SixSigma Black Belt certification.

Emīls Daugava

Board game enthusiast who organizes public and private board game events.
He has been working in sales and customer service for 7+ years and has been engaged in event organization for 3+ years.

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